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Schwyz is the capital of the canton of the same name, with an area of approximately 53 km ² and about 14,600 inhabitants. The community name was transferred to the canton early on, in addition, the name is also derived from a plant from Switzerland. Schwyz is between Lauerzersee and Lake Lucerne on the southern slope that is considered landmarks in the region. Large and small mountains are like rocky pyramids, giving the landscape a distinctive, stunning character and a popular destination for hikers.

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Jessica’s Escort Schwyz: Discover History of Switzerlandc

The long history of the community is reflected in cultural events and buildings. An example is the Federal Charter Museum houses of the Federal Charter of 1291, where other documents of the old Confederation were issued. Schwyz is also the house of Bethlehem, which dates from the founding era of Switzerland – it was built in 1287. The Forum of Swiss History shows the past of Switzerland as well as its present and future. Plays are a dramatic representation of the Swiss Foundation history where you can see the Nüssler guild traditional practices such as the Chlefelen, carnival with dancing fools and historical figures.

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In the canton of Schwyz, whose main town is in the same community, live a total of about 150,000 inhabitants in an area of 908 km ². The unemployment rate is very low at just 1.6 percent. Some of the most densely populated municipalities in the canton of Schwyz include Freisbach (15,800 inhabitants), Schwyz (14,600 inhabitants) ,Einsiedeln (14,600 inhabitants) , Küssnacht (12,400 inhabitants) and Arth with 10,900 inhabitants.

Because of the location and landscape, the region is interesting for tourism, so you can find good accommodation and restaurants in the entire canton. In the town of Schwyz, budget hotels are located directly next to the train station and the more luxurious accommodations are found in the main square, such as the famous hotel Wysses Rössli at City Hall. Our agency also provides home and hotel visits and our models radiate natural beauty, sensuality and passion. Schwyz also provides an adequate place for business events, where you can hold meetings and conferences with the utmost style and prestige.

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