Jessica’s VIP Escort: Blue Marlin in Dubai – More than just a beach club

“Just give me one night in Ibiza” – Mike Candy’s house hit from 2012 embodies the emotions that the traveler connects with Ibiza: sun, party, luxury yachts, handsome men and the most beautiful beaches that Europe has to offer. At the center of the action is The Beach Club Blue Marlin Ibiza. This club is more than just a place to play, laugh and dance to music. Blue Marlin Ibiza has become a global lifestyle concept. With its own BMI radio show, the Blue Marlin Ibiza combines glamor, entertainment, and good food with their own philosophy of life.

For those who love to fall in love with the BMI in Spain, they want to feel the same in their heart at the Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE. Even though it is far from continental Europe, this island has managed to maintain a Spanish temperament and yet merge with Arab luxury. Jessica’s escort is your dream lady.

Spanish temperament in the Middle East – the BMI Dubai

If not Dubai, where else? There is no other city like Dubai which represents luxury and tradition in one. It’s a concept that fits perfectly with the BMI. It’s no wonder this city opened the second Blue Marlin Ibiza Beach Club. With refined furniture, a top location directly on the picturesque beach and exquisite food, thousands of visitors are attracted each year, with an upscale ambience and with the right music to enjoy the day. If you’re tired of sleep, you can enjoy the BMI’s Late Breakfasts or how it’s served at the Blue Marlin, “The Lazy Lunch.” Once you’re ready, go soak up the sun and have fun – in other words, leave your day with a high-class escort girl at Jessica’s Agency on the beaches of Dubai.

Extraordinary kitchen aromas are made as the shores of the Mediterranean combine with a touch Japan and the Orient. These first-class dishes are even better with the views over the terrace and the international DJs playing the latest electronic music for you to enjoy. When you want to cool off in the water, you should definitely try a cocktail, which is “balm for the mind and soul.” Late at night, the dance floor under a starry sky attracts people to reminisce about the day.

The Blue Marlin Ibiza with a lady from Jessica’s Escort

Spend unforgettable moments in the Beach Club of Blue Marlin Ibiza in Dubai. With a proper lady by your side, you want to secure admirable glances and have twice as much fun. Jessica’s VIP escorts through the nights in Dubai. Enjoy excellent dishes in BMI and dance with your dream lady . We guarantee impeccable service, utmost discretion and the most beautiful girls. Do not hesitate to consult any further questions. Jessica’s escort wishes you a carefree time at Blue Marlin Ibiza in the UAE.


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