Luxury Shopping & Luxury Escort Models in Zurich

Of course there are countless “train stations” all over Europe, but they do not always have the best reputation. The railway station in Zurich is quite opposite. It embodies the essence of style, uniqueness and grace. If you wish to experience something amazing with your escort lady, then you are in the right here.


Zurich is a small-scale city of the world – it is a major city in Switzerland – and thus one of the most expensive cities in the world.
A real attraction is the famous Bahnhofstrasse, which is about one and a half long. The city’s lushness entrances many tourists. The shopping mile was built on the model of French boulevards and has less traffic than other parts of the city which only emphasizes its charisma. It’s also recommended to take a stroll through Linden.

The window shops are atypical and exclusive. Above all things, there are two great points which still come with a great fascination today. The conventional department store Globus offers inspiring delicatessen department that leaves nothing to be desired. Jelmoli has existed since 1833 which at the time, made it the only major and most modern department store in Switzerland. Two years ago, it was utterly refurbished and gives an elite product selection.

Let Bahnhofstrasse lure You for Unspoiled Shopping Spree

The charm of this magnificent mile is delightful. Along the road, there are many lavish boutiques and models with global status. There is also a distinctive density of jewelry stores and jewelers. In particular, high-quality jewelry and Swiss watches can be sold over the shop counters. Beyer is probably the oldest and most prominent specialty store, which in the meantime doles out watches and jewels from the seventh generation.

Tiffany & Co are so looking forward to a passionate jewelry lovers come with a munificent budget. Those with a fetish for brands undeniably get their money’s worth. Whether it’s Dior, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Prada or Luis Vuitton, the noblest brands are all here, door to door, and your lady companion will love it.

Lush Shopping with A Lovely Escort Lady

The lively center of Bahnhofstrasse is still at Paradeplatz. This plaza is the hub of all the big Swiss banks. In addition, to other lavish boutiques, cafes and restaurants await shopping-fatigued tourists. Finish the day off with a hot chocolate with your escort lady at the famous Sprüngli


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