Standard Protection Concept from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) for Erotic Businesses

During the Corona pandemic, we have a great obligation and responsibility towards you and our escort ladies. Therefore, we want to implement all necessary measures, which have been decreed by the FOPH, to ensure that you and our escort ladies are not exposed to any unnecessary danger and for you to enjoy your escort date in a relaxed manner.

The following prescribed protective measures from the FOPH are to be implemented in the escort service and other erotic businesses involving personal services with physical contact.

Your Hands Well and Shower Before Each Meeting

Please take a shower before the service and wash your hands well with soap and water or disinfectant. Our ladies are also obliged to take a shower before and after visiting your home or hotel and to wash their hands thoroughly.

Droplet Infection

During sexual intercourse, positions should be practiced where chances of droplet transfer are low. No mouth-related services are to be practiced. During the service, there must be a distance of at least one forearm length between the heads of both parties. Services with two or more clients are not offered.

All sexual services (including erotic massages) must comply with SAFE SEX guidelines. Wearing a mask is recommended for all services.

Note for Particularly Vulnerable People

COVID-19 is especially dangerous for people over 65 years or older as well as for adults with certain pre-existing conditions. They can become seriously ill and we please you not to use our service at the moment.

Many people have recovered after contracting the new coronavirus. But the virus is particularly dangerous for the following people as the disease can create severe symptoms:

People Over 65 Years and Adults with the Following Pre-existing Conditions:

– High blood pressure
– Chronic respiratory diseases
– Diabetes
– Diseases and therapies that weaken the immune system
– Cardiovascular diseases
– Cancer
– Obesity grade III (morbid, BMI ≥ 40 kg/m2)

The FOPH’s website lists those who, according to new scientific knowledge, are considered particularly at risk. If you are unsure whether you belong to the particularly vulnerable people, please contact your doctor.

Retention of Contact Details for the Purpose of Tracing the Chains of Infection

For the purpose of tracing the chains of infection, we will keep customer contact data for four weeks. This data will not be stored electronically and will be destroyed by us after the four week period.

Payment of the lady

If possible please pay your escort lady with credit card

Please read the complete standard protection concept of the BAG for Erotic Business as PDF

Here you can find the complete standard protection concept from the FOPH, which has to be implemented for the operation of erotic businesses: Standard Protection Concept from the FOPH for Erotic Businesses.