The Rules for a Successful Escort Date

Anyone who decides to book an escort lady from an escort agency is deliberately choosing a real adventure. The evening begins by meeting your chosen dream woman in a restaurant or bar. But you can also meet her at cultural and business events and is a stepping stone for an unforgettable night.

the rules for a perfect escort date - jessica's escort magazin english

You will see that this conversation will soon turn into flirtation if you’re smooth enough. As a good cavalier, the man will try to draw the woman into his spell. Be sure to compliment her plenty and even though the evening will most likely be magical, there are some rules which you should respect.

Be a Gentleman

Always be a gentleman and treat your escort lady with appreciation. This also means that the escort lady will not incur any costs. You should invite her to dinner and pay as for the drinks of your companion as well – just as you would on a first date. The man is always the one who settles the bill in the end.

Anticipation is the Greatest Joy

Enjoy the time together and take it easy. Even an escort lady would like to be conquered. No woman likes it when she is harassed or when you get too close too fast. Give the lady time and do not rush anything.

Modesty Wins

Arrogant people are hardly ever welcome. Even an escort lady from our High Class Escort Service cannot do much with such a man. Do yourself a favor and stay grounded. Do not try to be the best of the best. Do not brag and do not pretend to be someone you are not.

Leave your Phone in your Pocket

An escort lady appreciates it when you give her complete attention. Do not let your mobile phone distract you, and avoid fumbling with your smartphone. This is simply rude. Unless you are a doctor on call, there’s no reason to constantly look at your phone. Find a reason to let others know why you aren’t available or simply turn off your phone.

Keep Calm!

Surely it is not uncommon to feel nervous before an escort date. But just stay relaxed and enjoy the time. You don’t have to feel unsure of yourself or afraid. An escort lady will try to ease your excitement and to spend a nice evening with you, which is guaranteed not to fall into oblivion.


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