10 atemberaubende Dinge die man erlebt haben muss (Teil 2) - Jessica’s Escort Magazin

In the second part of this series we have found the right mix of adrenalin, euphoria and fascinating silence for her. Experience these things and tell your grandchildren about them.

Driving a Formula 1 car yourself

Do you love speed and enjoy driving fast? Then this point on our list will definitely please them. They took the wheel of a real Formula 1 racing car and completed between 4 and 20 laps on the Le Luc circuit in France. Feel the 650 hp under the hood and accelerate it like the pros from 0 to 200 km / h in 4.8 seconds. With a maximum speed of 320 km / h, the environment and everything else blur into a mush at the edge of the field of vision. Experience the unique feeling of gliding through the bends and chicanes of the demanding course and accelerating on the straight as a pro. Thrust at full throttle through the finish and be celebrated by premium escort ladies .

Raven in Ibiza

Ibiza das bedeutet Sonne, Strand, laute Partys und schöne Menschen. Feiern sie mit auf den heissesten Events bis in die frühen Morgenstunden. Spüren sie wie heisse Bässe ihre Seele massieren und tanzen sie dort wo der Rave geboren wurde. Die Insel ist die Partymetropole für jeden Musikfan. Verlieren sie sich in einer Welt aus Musik und Tanz und feiern sie ausgelassen zwischen den Reichen und Schönen dieser Welt. Es gibt nur wenige Plätze auf der Welt wo man ähnlich gut feiern kann. Verpassen sie nicht die Gelegenheit die Definition von Rave am eigenen Leib mit einem Luxus Escort Model an ihrer Seite zu erfahren!

Tauchen im Great Barrier Reef

Diving with manta rays on the Great Barrier Reef is an absolutely incredible experience. The planet’s most famous natural wonder lies off Australia’s East Coast and is just waiting to be discovered by them. Marvel at the breathtaking biodiversity of the world’s largest reef and plunge it into another world. Due to its impressive size, the reef offers a suitable experience for all levels of experience. Beginners can experience the magic of the underwater world in the shallow waters, while professionals can penetrate into the depths of the reef and discover the local wildlife. Dive into the enchanting world of the Great Barrier Reef with one of our adventurous escort models.