Welcome to Jessica’s Escort Lady FAQ. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions and provide you with some insights into working as a VIP escort model and give you some information about the application process. Should any other questions remain after reading through our FAQ, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help!

What happens with my personal data?

You can rest assured that we shall keep all personal data and information transferred to us confidential and on no account will we hand them out to any third parties. However, we do rely on your information to be able to get a better idea of who you are. After your application, your data will be deleted.

Where will the interview take place?

When we invite you to an interview, it will take place at our office in Zurich. Should it not be possible for you to come to Zurich, the interview can also be done via Skype. If the first impression is a good one, we will arrange a more thorough meeting in Zurich. We want to get to know you before you start working with us.

What does the interview entail?

A personal interview is vital to our serious and renowned agency. Trust is, after all, a vital component of a successful collaboration. A good foundation for a harmonious relationship is much easier said than done in the scope of a face-to-face interview. In doing so, we do not just want to be introduced to your personality, but also learn more about your taboos, needs and preferences. The best possible support can only be given to you if there is mutual trust and personal contact.

For the interview itself, you don’t have to overly prepare. You should just bring along official identification documents. Please also appear well-groomed and in a stylish manner so we can already get an initial impression – just as if you were meeting up with a client.

Can I terminate the work relationship at any time?

You alone decide on how long you want to work with us. Taking an extended break is of course also an option. We are sure to find a solution if you want to take some time off. Should you decide to leave us permanently, we will respect that and delete all of your data.

Where does the photoshoot take place?

Professional photos are extremely important to our agency and sophisticated clientele. Therefore, we will conduct a professional photoshoot with you if we have decided to work with you. The photoshoot will take place in Zurich. For years, we have been working with a competent, highly qualified and famous photographer who has worked for various fashion magazines.

The photos are then uploaded to our website – your face, however, will not be visible. Should the work relationship end or be put on hold, the pictures will be deleted or deactivated respectively.

Which sexual service do I need to offer?

In general, we do not require our escort models to offer anything specifically. You alone decide which erotic service you want to offer. Of course we will give you tips and advice to make your entry into the business as easy and comfortable as possible.

What kind of men can I expect?

Our agency has a very renowned reputation, which in turn means that we only cater to serious, sophisticated and well-groomed business men. Doctors, managers, lawyers, professional athletes, celebrities and other wealthy personalities are part of our exclusive clientele. We offer excellent world-class service at the according rates. Therefore, you can assume that the clients you meet are just looking for a pleasant date.

What kind of security can I expect?

Your security is extremely important to us. Only when you feel safe and comfortable is it possible to offer an excellent service. Therefore, we do everything to guarantee your security. We are there for you 24 hours a day. Holidays, Sundays or any other festive days – we will be there for you.

We care for you without any if’s or but’s.
Additionally, you can also take advantage of our chauffeur service – at your disposal around the clock to take you to and pick you up from your dates.

How do I organize getting to my clients?

If the date takes place outside of Zurich and a longer journey is necessary, you can make use of our chauffeur service. This company has been one of our trusted partners for years and the drivers are absolutely discreet, warmhearted and reliable. For even further distances, you can take the train or airplane. Long journeys are always covered by the client.

How many dates are possible in a month?

The number of dates you go on is entirely up to you. Among other things, this depends on your flexibility and availability. However, we also take care of you in this respect: We only work with women who we are sure can meet a certain demand.

How much can I expect to make?

We cannot give you any specific number here. Your earnings depend on many factors. It depends on how much time you want to invest, how you are received by your clients and which services you offer. The exact conditions will be discussed during the interview so you know what to expect. We promise you that you will get a very decent and appropriate salary as a high class escort.

The whole time spent with the customer is payed. All accrued expenses, as well as travel costs for dates outside of Zurich, are taken care of by the client. This includes meals, opera tickets and other activities. You will definitely not be charged for any expenses.

How flexible will the time management be?

At our agency, you can plan your dates completely according to your schedule. You are absolutely flexible and you do not need to make any concessions. This is why the job as an escort lady is great for women who hold full-time positions. It is your decision when and how often you want to have dates.

Do I need to travel for a date?

No, you are not required to do so. However, it is not unusual that clients from beyond Switzerland’s borders invite our escort models to spend some time abroad together with them. It is completely up to you if you want to accept such an invitation. If you enjoy travelling, working for us offers many opportunities to go on weekend trips or to accompany a client on his business travels. Travel times vary just as much as travel destinations.

When and where do dates take place?

Dates always take place in renowned hotels in large cities or also directly at a client’s private residence. If you travel outside of Switzerland, you are guaranteed to be provided with high-end accommodation. Cheap hotels, motels and other shabby places are out of the question.

We also offer a nice apartment in the center of Zurich for discreet dates. Our apartment is only available to our valued regular clients for whom hotel or home calls are not possible due to discretion reasons.

Can I also reject a client?

We guarantee you a date with a well-groomed and charming gentleman. You will only be dealing with classy men, who have style and class. However, in the unlikely event that something should happen, it is not the end of the world. If you do not feel comfortable or you two just cannot hit it off, then you can cancel the date within the first ten minutes. You are completely free to decide on what makes you most comfortable – we respect all your decisions.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

For any questions or requests you may have, we are your point of contact. We want a trustworthy and absolutely pleasant relationship. Thus, we want to support you in all aspects. Our team is always there for you!

So, how do I apply?

We are already looking forward to your application! You just need to fill in the following Casting Form and attach a picture of yourself, so we have a first impression of you. Please be honest and careful when filling in the form. After this, just send it and you are done! We will contact you as soon as possible and invite you to an interview.

We hope, we could answer most of the questions you may have had. If you still need something clarified, just send us an e-mail or call us for a face-to-face interview.

Jessica, your agency manager


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