Maximilianstrasse: Luxury Shopping with a VIP Escort Lady in Munich

Those who appreciate the presence of international stars, world-famous athletes and billionaires should begin their exquisite luxury shopping experience in Munich at Café Opera. Here, with an espresso or a glass of wine, Bavaria will feel like Italy and with a companion from Jessica’s Escort, and the sumptuous backdrop of stylish old buildings, this is the perfection combination for an exciting high-society experience.

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Seventy Exquisite Shops between Tradition and Trend

Maximilianstrasse is Germany’s most expensive shopping street. In no other area in Germany will you find so many limousines with bullet-proof windows, Arabic and Russian plates on some of the world’s most exclusive sports cars, as the streets stay dotted with Gucci, Louis Vuitton , Armani and other high-end jewelry shops. There are seventy shops here, all beautiful, elaborate, exclusive, and a mix of some being more traditional or more stylish than others. These shops rent out at 240 euro per square meter which makes it one of the most expensive sales are of the country, a fact that you can impress your high class escort girl with.

Shop and Relax with your Escort Lady

King Max II had the architect’s office, Friedrich Bürklein, design the National Theater at Max-Joseph-Platz which is found near the Bavarian Parliament. With a combination of different styles, King Max wanted to create a monument for his father, King Ludwig I, and himself, but due to the construction period that lasted over twenty years, it was never completed.

The Parquet for the International Upper Class

The international upper class honors the efforts of Max II which you can see throughout the area but it still attracts others, like backpackers and other groups who can only window shop and admire the finest of goods from a far.

The Bavarian Dolce Vita at its Finest

Fortunately, only exquisite guests can find a really nice place between the impressive “Brennergrill.” The fresh cuisine of Italy is ideal for a small shopping break. You can enjoy plenty of enriching moments, day and night in Munich, especially when you have an exceptional first class model from our High Class Escort. The pleasant tingling sensation of the “Bavarian Dolce Vita” in the Maximilianstrasse makes you feel like you’re draped in pure luxury.


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